Our insect-repellent treatment is permanently woven into the fabric; protecting against biting insects.

NosiLife is a breakthrough in textile innovation utilising a unique permanent anti-insect technology, providing proven protection for the lifetime of your garment.

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’
Benjamin Franklin

How long does insect repellent clothing last?

Our bug proof clothing protects, and is guaranteed, for the lifetime of the garment. Our product is easy to wash and does not require any maintenance or treatment update, it is built within the clothing for good. So not only does it keep away winged pests, we provide a long lasting, durable and dependant clothing for any adventure.

Where have we been?

Our NosiLife product has travelled far, wide and has been chosen specifically by those who have literally gone on to trek the entirety of the Nile in life threatening conditions. In 18 years, since the birth of NosiLife, we have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles.

A statistic we would love to know but will simply never know, is how many insect bites we have fended off!

Features of NosiLife clothing

Designed for use in hotter climates, the NosiLife range also incorporates a moisture wicking ability to absorb moisture from the skin which keeps you cool and comfortable in the heat.

Any garment that happens to have a collar also has a cooling element within the fabric. Hidden pockets should be expected in any of our garments, though still very lightweight and packable, we’ve thought of every dependable item an adventurer will need to hand.

The world’s first and only permanent insect-repellent clothing range.

Travel brings its own challenges and whether you’re heading for tropical climes or putting your best foot forward on an outdoor adventure close to home, the problems of heat, humidity and biting insects give even the most seasoned adventurer pause for thought.

This is when our NosiLife travel favourites really come into their own, providing all the family with round-the-clock protection from mosquitoes and giving short shrift to home-grown midges, as well as warding off the sun and helping us to stay cool even when humidity is high.

As well as NosiLife, our Kiwi range of clothing is made from fibres which are now proven to be completely impenetrable to biting insects, which gives you NosiDefence – keep bugs at arm’s length.

NosiDefence provides a robust barrier of specially constructed fibres which are too tough for insects like mosquitoes and ticks to penetrate.

So the NosiDefence fabric will help to protect your skin from insect bites allowing you to enjoy you adventures carefree.

The technology is non-toxic and promotes a “cover-up” attitude to prevent diseases spread by insects.